What is the Subtitling Assistant

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What is the Subtitling Assistant

Subtitling Assistant is a brand new tool that works as a subscription based service which automates the process of creating Closed Captions, both Pop-on and Roll-up, SDH Subtitles and Master Translation Templates:

Recognize the spoken text from audio and automatically generate captions/subtitles. Extremely useful when creating captions or subtitles from scratch.

Split loaded text to individual subtitles and automatically synchronize (time-code) them with the audio. Useful if you already have a Dialogue List, Spotting List or any kind of transcript. Just load the text in EZTitles and with a single command you will have subtitles/captions perfectly timed with the audio. Language of the script and audio should be identical.

Use the timing of an existing file or script and add the spoken lines transcribed from the audio for them.

Use the text of an existing transcription to automatically synchronize it to the audio.

To briefly describe the whole process, the Subtitling Assistant will send the audio to the cloud for speech recognition. When the transcript is available we'll use it to generate timed captions/subtitles or to re-time the already loaded in EZTitles third-party transcript.

Please note that documentaries or other types of content where the speech or narrative is clear will be transcribed almost perfectly. But transcription from noisy scenes, characters speaking in heavy accent or mumbling voices are not nearly as good.

So, all in all it can’t completely automate the subtitling and very much so – the actual translation process for all scenarios. But we see it as significant step forward in taking away most of the hassle and letting you focus more on the creative stuff instead. What we’re pretty confident of is that the Subtitling Assistant will speed up your subtitling significantly.


The following few topics will guide you to the process of configuring and using the Subtitling Assistant and will also focus on some of the most useful features and options it offers:

 Wallet Management and Billing

 Starting Audio Analysis

 Generate subtitles from audio

 Optimizing Subtitling Assistant performance

 Split text to subtitles

 Word Wrap

 Configure "Out-cue and split text"

 Intelligent Commands