What is EZTitles?

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What is EZTitles?

Congratulations, and thank you for choosing EZTitles!

The better you are acquainted with your software, the easier it will be to work with it.

At a glance, you have discovered a very powerful and fully customizable professional subtitling preparation software for TV, Closed Captions, DVD, Blu-ray, and Digital Cinema designed with the needs of the professional subtitlers in mind.

It provides a vast range of features which facilitate the whole process of preparing and editing the subtitles- starting with tight integration with cloud services, like DropBox, going through all the tools required for text and subtitle editing, comprehensive quality control capabilities and finishing with all the neat semi or fully automated features that define EZTitles and help you complete with your tasks.

So please take the time to read this manual and familiarize yourself with the information that we have complied for you before starting off with your new power subtitling tool. It contains important details and instructions intended to assist you in gaining maximum usage benefits and satisfaction from your EZTitles's  unique range of technical features.

Finally, we apologize if we have missed or have failed to explain some information sufficiently in the manual. In this case we will happily assist you with any eventual questions you may have.

We wish you an enjoyable subtitling experience!


EZTitles Team