Contents and Error Indicators

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Contents and Error Indicators

Duration Indicator

 Duration Indicator 

Duration Indicator

When you capture the timecode of your subtitles it is recommended that the duration indicator is placed within the green interval.

It is also acceptable, especially with shorter subtitles, for the indicator to be placed to the right of the green area. Thus the subtitle will stay on the screen a little longer and allow for a calm reading.

However, it is not preferable for the duration indicator to be placed to the left of the green interval. This would mean that the subtitle would not remain on the screen long enough for the viewer to be able to read it.

The lower and upper duration limits can be changed from the Reading Speed parameters tab in the Project Settings dialog box (Reading Speed Parameters).

The solid red area in the middle indicates the min. and max durations (see Cues Editing and Capture Parameters).

Error Indicators in Lists

 Error Indicators

Error Indicators


Shown above are the error indicators used in the Preview, Draft and Log lists. You can switch off any or all of them using the Preferences / Appearance command from the Edit menu. Subtitles marked with the first image (the clock) have cue errors (empty or inconsistent cues). The second image represents reading speed errors. The third image represents safe area and non-printable characters errors (symbols with no representation in the currently selected compatibility font, marked with a "" character).

Statusbar Indicators



The statusbar contains useful information about the current working mode, current location in the edited subtitle, the selected language and a part of the zero subtitle, if that option is enabled.

Position and Safe Area

The first section (from left to right) shows the position of the cursor in the current subtitle - in the order column, row. Enclosed in brackets are the width of the current line and the maximum width allowed (depending on the current mode units – pixels in Native/PAC, us in .890).


The second section shows whether the file you’re currently working with has been modified since the last save and needs to be saved.

When the file is saved the Modified indicator disappears.

Insert/ Overwrite Mode

The third section shows the currently used typing mode - insert or overwrite (you can switch between the two with the Insert key on your keyboard).


Indicates if the Num-Lock is on.


Shows the language associated with the current cursor position in the main editor.

Color Information

Shows the color of the selected text or the color, inherited from the default or other style, the text will be displayed with if no text is currently selected. The color is represented by its Hex value: #FFFFFF, followed by its RGB value (255, 255, 255).

Project Mode

The next section contains current project mode - Open, Teletext, Digital Cinema, Native, PAC, 890, etc. For more information please refer to Project Settings.

Project Template

When a Project Template has been used to create current project, it's name surrounded by square brackets "[ ]" is displayed between the Zero Subtitle Excerpt and the Project Mode.

Zero Subtitle Excerpt

The last section shows the elements of the zero subtitle that are selected for display on the status bar from the zero subtitle template.

This option is more thoroughly described in Zero Subtitle Templates.

Spelling Errors

The spell check errors are underlined, indicating that you must check the spelling of the underlined word (see Spell Check).