Toolbar and Basic Menu Commands

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Toolbar and Basic Menu Commands


The toolbar is used for quick access to some basic commands. You just need to click the corresponding button with the mouse.

It is located just below the main menu at the top and lists buttons for import, export and file preferences functions.

By resting the mouse pointer over a certain toolbar button for a moment you will see a short text explaining its usage.

 EZConvert Toolbar

EZConvert Toolbar

File Menu Commands

The following commands are available in the File menu:


EZConvert automatically recognizes the file type of the imported subtitle file. The list of the supported formats is available here.

Advanced Import

Opens the Import Subtitles dialog and shows a full list of the supported subtitle formats and some advanced options.

Recent Files

Provides access to the 10 files which have been imported recently.




Exports the currently loaded file into a subtitle format of your choice.

Export DVD Images

Prepares and exports DVD subtitle images for DVD authoring system.

Export DVB subtitles

Allows you to Export DVB Subtitles which can be muxed by ProMedia Carbon or Manzanita MP2TSME into compliant DVB program stream.




The Recut functionality can be used to adjust all or some of the subtitles' time code by setting a shift.

Check Subtitles

Scan the subtitles for various types of conditions (errors). Please refer to Checks topic for details.

Fix Subtitles

Opens a dialog window where you can select various criteria and fix the subtitles accordingly. Check Fix Subtitles for more information.

Edit Menu Commands

The following commands are available in the Edit menu:


Opens a dialog where you can search for a phrase or a word.


You can jump to a particular subtitle by typing its number or a certain time code.

Import/Export Presets

Create and configure presets to automate your conversions. Please check HERE.


Customizes the visual appearance of EZConvert, for more details please refer to the Customizing EZConvert  topic.

Project Settings

Show the Project Settings window.

View Menu Commands

The View menu functions allows you to show/hide some of the EZConvert’s components. The following commands are available with the View menu:

Safe Area Bounds

Toggles the safe area bounds displayed on the main screen.


Places the subtitle text (usually white letters) over black boxes for better readability. The boxes are only displayed in the current subtitle area and will not affect the exported files.