Customizing EZConvert

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Customizing EZConvert

Subtitles List Font - change the font that is used to display the subtitles in the preview list. There you can choose any of the fonts you have on your computer as well as its actual size.

Context Digit Substitution works similarly to the Windows digit substitution feature and the digits in your file will be displayed with their Arabic-Indic or Farsi representations in the context when Arabic or Farsi text persists on the very same row. It is useful when images are required by the DVD authors, but please consider that when exporting your subtitles into a text file, the regular Arabic digits will be saved instead.

The Automatically renumber subtitles on import option will load the subtitles and will renumber them, discarding their original numbering. Turning it off will disable the automatic renumber and the subtitles will load represented by their original subtitle numbers including index letters like 1a, 10c, and etc.

From the Icon Size section you can switch between small (16x16 pixels) and large (24x24 pixels) icons on the toolbar.

There is an option to change the background color of the EZConvert's main window. You just have to click on the Change button. With the Default button you can switch back to the default green background color.

From the Active theme drop-down menu you can select between three predefined EZConvert looks: Default (current Windows theme), Silver or Graphite.

Emphasis Symbols

Allows the emphasis symbol or bouten to be changed. The symbols selected by default are the most commonly considered ones for both Horizontal and Vertical oriented text.

Bouten are commonly used in the East Asian languages.

Note: Changing bouten symbols will have effect only after re-importing the file.