There is an easier way to convert files.
EZConvert comes in various editions. You can review them in the table below. The licenses differ by the file formats you can produce.

Open Subtitles

  • Compressed PAC (.pac)
  • Unicode PAC (.fpc)
  • .890 files
  • EBU (.STL)
  • EBU (.STL) for ARTE
  • DLP Cinema™ Subtitle XML with quality images
  • DCDM SMPTE 428-7-2007 XML Subtitles
  • SubRip (.srt) subtitles
  • SubStation Alpha (.SSA, .ASS)
  • Rich Text Format (RTF) files
  • XLS Excel Workbook files
  • Plain ASCII text
  • QuickTime Text and .SMIL files
  • MicroDVD (.sub) subtitles
  • WebVTT (.vtt) subtitles
  • Videotron Lambda CAP (.cap)
  • Windows Media Player SAMI
  • Win2020 text files
  • DAS
  • Softitler .TXT
  • Avid® DS Nitris™ Subtitles Files
  • OVR
  • VDPC
  • Swift Interchange Format (.sif)
  • Universal Subtitling Format (.usf)
  • Closed Captions

  • SMPTE-TT captions with tunnel CEA-608 data (.xml)
  • Scenarist Closed Caption Format (SCC)
  • MCC CEA-708 captions (.mcc)
  • CPC-715 Online Caption Format (.onl)
  • Captions Inc. Files (.cin)
  • Cheetah CAP
  • Cheetah ASC
  • NCI caption files (.cap)
  • Ultech caption files (.ult)
  • TDS captions files
  • ECF captions files
  • ProCAP Closed Captions (.txt)
  • NCI Timed Roll to Captions (.flc)
  • DVB Subtitles

    Generates ETSI EN 300 743 compatible DVB subtitling elementary stream for muxing with ProMedia Carbon or Manzanita MP2TSME multiplexers. There is an option to export Generic DVB Elementary Stream as well.

    Timed Text

  • Netflix Timed Text (NFLX-TT)
  • Disney IMSC1.1 (Disney+ TTML)
  • Apple iTunes Timed Text (.itt)
  • Ooyala Timed Text XML
  • Timed Text (TTML1 & TTML 2 XML)
  • IMSC1 & IMSC1.1 Timed Text XML
  • EBU Timed Text (EBU-TT and EBU-TT-D)
  • EBU-TT and EBU-TT-D for BBC
  • SMPTE-TT Subtitles
  • SMPTE-TT Image Based Subtitles (IMSC1)
  • Images for DVD authoring and NLE system

    Images in the proper resolution with anti-aliasing, transparency and colors depending on the authoring system capabilities:

  • Final Cut Pro® 7
  • Final Cut Pro® X
  • DaVinci Resolve
  • Sonic Scenarist HDMV (Blu-ray)
  • Sonic Scenarist Advanced Content (HD-DVD)
  • Sonic Scenarist and Sonic Reel DVD
  • Apple® DVD Studio Pro®
  • Adobe® Encore® DVD
  • Spruce Technologies DVD Maestro
  • DoStudio Authoring Suite
  • Ultech DV2000/3000 .USF File Format and .yuc images
  • Pinnacle Impression DVD
  • Toshiba Authoring System
  • Panasonic Blu-Ray Authoring SPI
  • Text-only scripts for the following Authoring and NLE systems

    Text-only scripts containing the subtitles and formatting depending on the authoring system capabilities:

  • Apple® DVD Studio Pro® text script
  • Final Cut Pro® XML Interchange Format
  • Adobe® Encore® DVD text script
  • Spruce Technologies DVD Maestro STL Text Script
  • Sony DVD Architect Subtitle Script
  • Roxio DVDIt Pro Subtitle Script