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Edit Menu

The Edit menu provides you with functions to operate with text and selections. The following commands are available in the Edit menu:


Undo reverses your last action. There are no limits to the number of undo actions that can be performed.


Redo reverses the last Undo action.




Cut deletes the selection and places it on the clipboard.


Copy places the selection on the clipboard.


Paste places the contents of the clipboard at the cursor position.

Paste Subtitles

Activates the options to paste multiple subtitles or blocks of text in the current project.

Select All

Selects all the text in the current subtitle.




Inserts accent or a special symbol.

Change Case

Allows you to change the capitalization of the text to lower or UPPER case in the currently selected text or entire row.

Phonetic Guide

Used for adding ruby characters and bouten or for adding numbers to horizontal groups. For reference please check this topic.

Word Wrap

as you type

Toggles on/off the Word Wrap option which is otherwise configured from the Preferences menu.



Find/Replace/Go To

Opens a dialog where you can search for a phrase or a word and eventually replace it if needed (see Find, Replace and Go To).

Edit Zero Subtitle Templates

Opens the dialog to Edit Zero Subtitle Templates.

Cloud Services

Activate or deactivate Cloud Services Integration.


Provides additional options which control the program's behavior and appearance. Detailed explanation is also available in the Preferences article.