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Format Menu

Change various attributes of the subtitle text: font, italic, color, alignment, etc.


Sets the current row font number.


Toggles the selected text Italic.

Row Italic

Toggles the current row Italic.

Double Height

Toggles the selected text double height attribute. Used for teletext subtitles only.

Row Double Height

Toggles the current row double height attribute. Used for teletext subtitles only.


Toggles the selected text underline. More about the specific use of the Underline command can be found in this topic.

Horizontal alignment and position

Changes the horizontal placement of the subtitle text.

Vertical position

Sets the vertical placement of the subtitle: bottom, middle or top.

Text Direction

Changes the text direction: horizontal or vertical.


Sets the color of the selected text.

Box, Outline

Changes the presentation style of the subtitle.


Changes all of the above attributes with a single command for the current subtitle only.