Dynamic Software license management

If you are working with a large network of partners/vendors preparing subtitles for your company, EZTitles can offer various ways to distribute your licenses.

On-Line Licenses Manager

Available from 5x EZTitles onwards you could assign each of your licenses to a specific person for a specified period of time. As soon as a license is closed by one person it could immediately be accessed by another. The users and their access to the software can be managed by any criteria – specific time of day, specific timeframe, etc.

Off-Line Licenses Manager

Available from 5x EZTitles onwards you could assign your licenses to your associates for a specified period of time and for a particular computer. Once expired it could either be extended or assigned to a different PC.


The normal EZTitles license comes on a dongle so the software will work on the computer where it has been plugged at that time.

Organize second translation workflows

EZTitles boasts functionality to help you translate existing subtitles into the target language.

First, use the Reference file options to create a translation template. The subtitler can see the original text in the source language and move forward with the translation.

Certain parts of the translation template can be protected from changes to make sure that the cues and formatting are correct.

Cloud Services Integration

It is amazing how much your enterprise can benefit from EZTitles’ Cloud Service integration. You only need to connect our software to your preferred Cloud Storage service – Google Drive or Dropbox.

Not only will you be able to keep your files in sync on all your devices but you will also have your settings, keyboard shortcuts, auto correct and spell checker dictionaries, project templates and program visual layout synchronized.

Installing EZTitles on a new computer is as easy as it gets. Once you connect to the cloud, all your settings and files automatically synchronize to be ready for use on the spot.

With EZTitles you can create different project presets to meet your clients’ individual requirements. Now you don't have to go through all the pages to verify your settings every time you start a new file — just click on the desired preset and your settings will load in an instant. This will allow you to easily manage different workflows for different clients in your enterprise.

EZTitles makes it possible to lock all project templates to a dedicated location configured by a system administrator. It will help you make sure all subtitles produced by your company have the correct attributes. This will also leave less room for errors from misconfiguration.

Last but not least, you can configure import and export presets for each of the supported file formats, so you don't need to check or apply your settings each time you import or export a file.

Plus, presets include your default save folder — you don’t have to browse for it every time.