We've just added Ukrainian to the Subtitling Assistant.
And the transcription will be free for now. This is available from EZTitles 6.1.18 onwards.

Subtitling Assistant which can automatically generate subtitles,
Macros to record and automate a string of commands to a single click,
Comprehensive checks and reliable backups so you could never lose your work.

Starting from 58€/month *
* for EZTitles Essentials for 36 months

Your initial 100 minutes for using the Subtitling Assistant are on us!

Advanced subtitle authoring


EZTitles redefines what professional subtitling software can do! World-class Streaming Services, TV, Digital Cinema, DVD and Blu-ray subtitle preparation software. Powerful conversion tool for almost any known file format. Breakthrough module for Closed Captioning. Three groundbreaking products. Single software.

Convert all subtitle formats


Fast and accurate subtitle conversion tool which supports a variety of subtitle formats and DVD, Blu-ray and NLE authoring systems. EZConvert does not bother with different output file format a client may require. It simply has them all!

Subtitles for 3D video


3DTitles adds depth to your regular 2D subtitles. The software analyzes the whole movie and automoatically choses the perfect Z-position for each subtitle. Or YOU can do it according to point of interest in the picture.

Integrate EZTitles

EZTitles Plug-ins

The plug-ins for ProMedia Carbon & Rhozet Carbon Coder, and Capella Systems' Cambria File Convert are powerful tools which allows you to load and encode your subtitles Closed Caption, Teletext or DVB files with the video.

What We Do

We at EZTitles Development Studio are devoted to providing our clients with a range of quality professional subtitling solutions.
  • Our wide range of cutting-edge professional subtitling products will help you complete even the most complex subtitling tasks at maximum speed, precision and ease.
  • We offer excellent support and services and are always happy to listen to our clients’ input, using their opinions and ideas to improve the software. We believe our products are the best in the field precisely because we base our improvements and changes on active user feedback.
  • And with our reasonably priced products and flexible installment plans we are also helping your budget.
  • We have always strived to make our software more personal. With you being in the center of it.
  • If you’d like to give our products a try, we would be happy to offer you a free trial.
  • Subtitling Assistant

    A feature from the future!
  • The Assistant could recognize the spoken text from the audio and automatically generate captions or subtitles. It could also split and synchronize a loaded text to subtitles, if you already have the script.
  • Easy to configure, easy to use, Subtitling Assistant will speed up your subtitling significantly.
  • And in addition to the Subtitling Assistant we’ve developed something no other software on the market can offer at present – Intelligent Commands.
  • You could optimize your new workflow with commands which use data from the audio analysis.
  • Subtitling Assistant moves In- and Out-cues automatically to match the speech timing when you split subtitles or move words between them.
  • Your initial 100 minutes for using the Assistant are on us!
  • Prepare Subtitles

    With EZTitles you can subtitle anything – Streaming Services as Disney+, Netflix, Apple TV +, Amazon Prime, Hulu or others, Open subtitles, Closed Captions, Digital Cinema, Blu-ray, Teletext, DVD and DVB Subtitles - and deliver your work in any file format your clients may require. Our software also offers support for:
  • Vertical orientation, Horizontal groups, Rubies and Bouten for East Asian scripts.
  • We support any type of resolution – from SD up to 4K.
  • Multilanguage support for Western, Central and East European, East Asian, South Asian, Arabic, Hebrew and Persian languages
  • Comprehensive checks
  • Use the cloud

  • Connect EZTitles to your preferred Cloud Storage service – Google Drive or Dropbox.
  • Start EZTitles on any computer, and all your personal files and preferences will load automatically from the cloud, so that you can work in a familiar environment — you won’t even notice you are using a different workstation.
  • Keep your files, settings, keyboard shortcuts, auto correct and spell checker dictionaries, project templates and program visual layout in sync on all your devices.
    Share your project templates with your colleagues and coworkers.
  • Create Closed Captions

    Prepare offline and online closed captions in a variety of popular file formats: SMPTE-TT with tunnel CEA-608 data, Scenarist Closed Captions for DVD authoring, CAP, CIN, TDS, ULT, MCC CEA-708 captions (.mcc) and many more. Automate captioning as much as possible with the Continue Typing Workflow feature.

    Subtitle Digital Cinema

    Prepare quality subtitles for Digital Cinema and get the most accurate preview of what they will look like on the theater’s screen.
  • Any resolution from 2K to 4K.
  • EZTitles covers the full range of the DC subtitle specifications and supports ruby characters and vertical text.
  • Go 3D

    Prepare the perfect subtitles for 3D and benefit from:
  • 3DTitles analyzes the whole movie and automoatically choses the perfect Z-position for each subtitle;
  • Exporting to numerous subtitle formats including BDN/OFS for 3D Blu-ray authoring and Digital Cinema;
  • Burning 3D subtitles into videos with our plug-ins.
  • Do DVD, Blu-ray, HD-DVD

    Produce subtitles for the most popular authoring systems in both SD and HD resolutions. EZTitles can generate text scripts and HQ anti-aliased images for the following systems:
    DaVinci Resolve, Sony Blu-print™, Sonic Scenarist HDMV (Blu-ray), Sonic Scenarist Advanced Contents (HD-DVD), Adobe® Encore® DVD, Apple® DVD Studio Pro®, Spruce DVD Maestro, Final Cut Pro®, Sony DoStudio, Sony DVD Architect, аnd many more here.


    Now you could record or code-in from scratch little programs which can automate frequently repeated operations, or which can group series of commands and actions and invoke them by a single button press.

    We got your back

    With EZTitles you will never lose the work you've put into your project no matter the circumstances!
  • Auto Recovery, File History, Unsaved Projects and File Overwrite Protection are all here to make sure there won't be any worst case scenario you should be worried of.
  • Convert Subtitles

    With our powerful conversion tool EZConvert you can easily turn a subtitle file of any type into the one you need. Our automated assistants — the Workflows, the Watch Folder, the Command Line utility and the Quality checks — will help you get the best results from your conversions with as little effort as possible.

    Free updates/upgrades

    Our customers with active Support and Subscription Services receive a stellar customer support from EZTitles’ Tech Team and also benefit from free updates/upgrades to the latest versions of the products.

    Integrate our plug-ins

    Load and burn your subtitles and Closed Caption, Teletext, DVB files using ProMedia Carbon, Rhozet Carbon Coder system. All subtitles are inserted as a single clip right onto the Timeline! Our plug-ins support all languages and scripts.

    Benefit from Flexible Payment Plans

    For purchases over 1,000 € we offer flexible 12, 24 or 36 monthly installment plans. If you are on a tight budget you may either send us an e-mail or review the rates for your chosen license here.


    Our products are widely adopted by industry leaders