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Depending on the selected mode (see Project Type and Mode) the fonts page layout could be different. The possible variations are explained below:

Native mode Fonts

 Project Properties – Fonts Page (Native mode)

Project Properties – Fonts Page (Native mode)

Here you can select the two fonts that will be used for the DVD subtitles rendering and their properties.

Note: Usually non-serif typeface is preferred (e.g. Arial or Tahoma) for DVD subtitles.

Along with font boldness and size you can set some additional properties, like spacing and horizontal scaling.

Spacing (defined in pixels, ranging from –16.0 to +16.0) specifies the additional space left between the characters – when its value is negative characters are displayed closer to each other. In case of a positive value characters are displayed further apart from one another.

Horizontal Scale (defined in percent, ranging from +50 to +150) specifies horizontal characters deformation – values lower than 100 will shrink and higher than 100 will expand the character width.

Right to Left - click this checkbox if you are working in Arabic, Hebrew or Persian. You can configure one of the fonts to be right-to-left and thus having subtitles with both left-to-right and right-to-left lines.

Asian Text Font option enables the program to display Asian and non Asian text with different font when they are inserted on the same line. The text displayed with the Asian dedicated font have the same size as the regular font.

Note: please mind that the Asian Text Font option will be correctly preserved when the subtitles are saved in the native .EZT format or exported as Images for DVD/Blu-ray. All other file formats does not support such feature.

Digital Cinema mode Fonts

When you set up a Digital Cinema project the Fonts related settings will change accordingly to comply with the respective requirements.

The settings look almost the same with the exception of the measurement units for the font height and spacing.

The font height is measured in points. The screen is considered 11 inch height and every inch has 72 points.

The spacing is measured in em. 1 em is equivalent to the current font size and 0.5 em is equivalent to half the current font size.

Note: All the settings specified in the Fonts menu will be directly taken into account and used when exporting DC compliant subtitle file: DLP Cinema Subtitle XML and DCDM (SMPTE 428-7-207) XML.

PAC/890 mode Fonts

The Spacing and Horizontal Scale options are disabled in PAC and 890 modes to avoid further confusion as they would only impact text's presentation in EZTitles and will have no effect to the output PAC/890 file.

The Right to Left option will be set automatically when the selected PAC or 890 Language is set to Arabic, Hebrew or Farsi.