Startup and Warnings

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Startup and Warnings

 Preferences - Startup and Warnings

Preferences - Startup and Warnings

Shwo on Startup

Here you can select the dialogs which you want to be displayed when EZTitles starts.


EZTitles will regularly check online for new versions and will inform you if there are any when the program starts. You may also modify how often to do that.


At this section you can turn on/off various warning displayed on export subtitles or load video. Usually when displayed the warnings have an "Do not display again" option.

If you click it and want the warning to be displayed again you can switch it back on from here.

File Open/Import

When opening .ezt (.eztxml) projects or importing subtitle files the input file will automatically load into a new instance of the program.

NumLock on Startup

Enables you to overwrite the state of the NumLock button to be Always On, Always OFF or No Change (selected by default). Selecting Always On or Always Off will make EZTitles turn on or off the NumLock when starting up. Changes made will apply after restarting EZTitles.