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Enables additional configuration for the Backup and Recovery options provided by EZTitles. The Backup and Recovery options are switched on by default and guarantee the best possible protection in almost every situation.

 Preferences - Backup and Recovery

Preferences - Backup and Recovery

Auto Recovery

Auto Recovery files are created automatically while you work at certain interval of time preventing loss of information in case the computer or EZTitles suddenly crashed. The Auto Recovery window will pop-up automatically when EZTitles starts after such crash offering options to restore, save or discard it.
If you decide not to save or discard it, copy of the auto recovery file of this project will remain accessible from File/Recovery/Auto Recovery.

File History

Creates copies of the project whenever the project is saved by the File->Save command. All saved versions of the project can be viewed from File/Recovery/File History. Earlier reversions of the project can be compared for differences with the current version and eventually restored as explained in this topic.

Unsaved projects

Creates backup copy of the project when it was modified but the changes haven't been saved for some reason. All unsaved projects can be viewed or restored from File/Recovery/Unsaved Projects.
Unsaved documents are kept for a period of 1 month and after that they will be deleted automatically.

Overwrite protection

Overwrite protection activates when overwriting an existing file by keeping backup copy of that file. Backup copies of all overwritten files can be viewed from File/Recovery/Overwrite Protection and will be kept for period of 1 month. After that, they will automatically deleted.

Backup saved subtitles projects

This option creates a backup copy in the specified folder each time you save .ezt or.eztxml project by File->Save or File->Save As.

NOTE: Selecting a folder on an external, backup hard drive, on a network storage server or simply in your DropBox will prevent data loss in case the local hard drive or the operating system malfunctions and needs to be re-installed.

Backup program's settings once a day

The option is activated by default and will automatically create incremental backups of all settings when EZTitles starts for the first time every day. The number of backups is limited to 10.

Automatic backups are created in the following location:

All automatic backups are also accessible from within EZTitles via the Tools drop-down: Tools/Restore Settings/Restore Automatic Settings Backup
but they can also be loaded from Tools/Restore Settings.