Quality Control

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Quality Control

You can perform various checks to the subtitles before exporting them or you can configure a quality control job only. The available Checks criteria are divided into separate categories for easier navigation and clean preview of the selected options.

Here you need to activate the Perform quality control option and specify the check conditions. Some of the quality control options may change depending how the Output Settings settings are configured. For example, Closed CaWptions or Teletext dedicated check conditions will be available only when the Output Settings are configured for Closed Captions or Teletext conversion.

The Detailed Report option will display full list of the issues found for each individual subtitle/caption during the conversion.

The next important parameter is the action. If you choose Continue the conversion will continue if the check fails and an entry containing the checks result will be added in the log file.

If you select Error and the check fails the conversion is stopped and an error is generated. You can later check the errors log for a detailed explanation. Also an e-mail will be send if you have configured Email on error.

The rest of the parameters are the same as the ones used by the Check Subtitles command. Description of the options dedicated to conversions including subtitles in East Asian languages or vertical text can be found in the Options for East Asian languages section of the Check Subtitles topic.

Note: The Quality Control commands defined from the Watch Folder will be executed for both the main and secondary subtitle tracks simultaneously.