Watch Folder Mode

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Watch Folder Mode

What is Watch Folder

Watch Folder is a simple and efficient tool designed to automate the conversion process *. Once configured it runs in the background continuously monitoring a folder for new files.

When a new file arrives it triggers the file's conversion into a format you have specified and the result is placed in the output folder.

There are various advanced settings that allows you to perform a quality control before the conversion, some automated fixes, e-mail notifications if an error has occurred, etc.

* Although the Watch Folder tool is included in the installation package you shall purchase it additionally in order to use it.

How it works

You can configure multiple Watch Folders. Each of them is monitored continuously and when a new file arrives it is converted into the destination format. The processes that monitor the folders are called Watches.

When a new Watch Folder is added the program creates several subfolders with special purpose.

On the above example "D:\Watch Folders\PAC to Blu-ray" is the root folder. By default this is the input folder. The Watch process monitors it and when a new file arrives it is automatically converted.

Following are the descriptions of the subfolders:


The settings for this Watch Folder are stored here in a file called "config5.cfg".


After the file in the input folder is processed it is moved here. The files stay there until you delete them.


Two log files are maintained:
processed.log - a new record is added for each file that has been processed;
errors.log - all errors during the conversion are logged here. Check this file to find out what were the problems, if any.

You can browse to this folder and review the contents of the files using any text editor including Windows Notepad.

If the files become large you can safely delete them. The Watch process will create new ones for the next conversion.

Note: The log files can be managed using Watch Folder Management Application.


If an error has occurred during the conversion the input file is moved to this folder. The files stay there until you delete them.

Watch Folder is capable of monitoring files on a network location as well. The converted files can be saved on a network server as long as the necessary privileges to use this network resource are applied.

Running as Windows Service

The Watches could be configured to run as Windows service and this should be configured during the installation.

You can switch to Service mode later by starting the installation again. For detailed information about configuring as Windows Service please check here.