Merge Subtitles

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Merge Subtitles

By this command you can read specific portion of any of the supported by EZTitles files (text, cues, formatting, text position and comments) and merge it with the currently loaded project.

Merge files command is accessible from the File menu. The regular "open" dialog will open asking you to select the file that will be merged and once selected the merge specific options will pop up:

 Read Subtitles

Read Subtitles

Subtitle Attributes

Specify what you want to read from the file: Cues, Text, Formatting, Positioning and Comments.

The Formatting option will read the formatting font (font 1, font 2), italics, underline, colors, specific background and effects.

The Positioning option will read the horizontal alignment and justification as well as vertical alignment and raised text lines.

Overwrite from beginning

Replace all subtitles starting from the first one with the contents of the selected file.


Place the subtitles from the selected file after the last subtitle in the current project.

Match Subtitle Numbers

EZTitles will compare the two files for subtitles with matching numbers.

If a subtitle number from the second file matches the one in the current project, the selected attributes of the current subtitles are replaced by those in the second file.

Insert subtitles for unmatched numbers - if there are subtitles in the second file that have no match in the current subtitles they will be inserted in the current project.

Text Merge Options

Becomes available when the Text option is selected from Subtitle Attributes and one of the Overwrite from beginning and Match subtitle numbers options are also clicked. It provides three different options how the text will be merge:

Replace original text - Replaces the text from the opened in EZTitles file with the text from the file that will be merged.

Append new text above original - Keeps the text from the opened in EZTitles file and adds the text from the selected for merging file above it.

Append new text below original - Keeps the text from the currently opened file and adds the text from the selected for merging file below it.

Sort by In-cue and Renumber

Sorts the subtitles in ascending order depending on their time code and automatically Renumbers them before the merge is performed.