Labeled revisions and track changes

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Labeled revisions and track changes

Creating subtitles is a complex process where usually several parties are involved: translators, editors, proof readers, etc. Often after receiving the corrected subtitles from your colleague you want to review the changes. This is possible by using the File/Labeled Revisions option.

So to start with it and add new revision, simply go to File/Labeled Revisions and press the Label Current button on the displayed dialog window:


Later if you want to compare the current state of the subtitles with any of the existing revisions you just need to choose that from the list and press on Compare.

And if you wish to check the differences between two revisions select those by holding the Ctrl button on the keyboard and press Compare.

You can track the changes between the selected revisions on the window that will show up.

Subtitles that differ are marked with a thick red line on the left side and the attributes that are different are colored in red too. All kinds of differences are detected - subtitles text, time code, style, format, vertical positioning, horizontal alignment, colors and comments.

You can choose which attributes to compare from the respective Compare drop-down in the top left. Then, only the subtitles which has this attribute modified will be outlined in red.
Note: In this case, subtitles with other attributes that have been changed will not be indicated as modified.

Subtitles containing comments are indicated by an orange triangle inserted in the top right part. If there is a change or the comment has been removed or new comment has been added the triangle becomes slightly larger and red. If you move and hold the mouse pointer on the triangle a hint window with the comment text is displayed.

You can navigate between the indicated subtitles by pressing the Previous/Next buttons and EZTitles will automatically focus them in the main editor.  

Subtitles can be compared according to one of these three attributes: their respective number, their timecode or text.

Subtitle Number

Quickly show you all subtitles which have been merged, split, added or completely removed.


If the subtitles were renumbered you might consider this option. EZTitles will look for subtitles with the same in-cues and will display them as pairs in the differences window.


Furthermore if there are differences in the time-codes and you can't rely on the numbers too you can use this option. The subtitles with matching text are displayed as pairs.

Restoring attributes from earlier revision

In addition to simply checking for any differences between the current and previous revision of the file, it is also possible to restore an attribute or the previous state of a specific subtitle. To do this right click with the mouse on a subtitle from the previous revision. This will display new context menu with the following options:

Get this subtitle

Overwrites the selected subtitle with the subtitle from the labeled revision including timing, position and formatting.

Get this subtitle's cues

Restores the In and Out cues for the selected subtitle with these of the subtitle in the labeled revision.

Get this subtitle's position

Restores the original position (horizontal and vertical) of the subtitle in the labeled revision.

Get this subtitle's formatting

Restores the original formatting (italics, colors, effects, etc) of the subtitle in the labeled revision.

Get this subtitle's text and attributes

Copies subtitles' text, formatting and position from the labeled revision.


EZTitles also provides options to Export the comparison list as Excel XLS file in case it has to be shared with a colleague. All differences in the formatting (colors, italics, underline), horizontal positioning (alignment, justification), timing and the text itself can be easily recognized.