Excel XLS and XLSX Workbook Files

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Excel XLS and XLSX Workbook Files

With the Excel Workbook export you can save your subtitles directly as an MS Excel, XLS and XLSX, file keeping all the alignment and format information like italics and underline. Subtitles from the secondary track will also be exported as separate worksheet in the output .XLS document.

In addition you can select to export colored text and Zero Subtitle. You can access the export configuration options by pressing the Config button:

 Excel Export Configuration

Excel Export Configuration

TimeCode Format

Enables you to change timing expression for the exported Excel file choosing between SMPTE Timecode (HH:MM:SS:FF) and different Media Time expressions.

Single Cell

Saves subtitle's text into a single cell with line breaks to indicate raised text.

Single Cell without line breaks

Each subtitle will be exported into individual cells but with no line breaks. Subtitles on two or more lines will appear as a single line in the output Excel file.

Consecutive horizontal cells

Exports subtitle's individual lines into different cells in the output Excel file.

Consecutive horizontal cells with raised subtitles

Each line of text is saved to a different cell. The difference between this option and the previous one is that the raised subtitles with empty lines will be saved as empty cells in the output file.

Export Comments

Exports the comments inserted to the subtitles into individual cell in the output file. Commentaries are indicated by special tag: "comment>>"

Export duration and reading speed

Adds three more columns in the output Excel document for the subtitles duration, reading speed and total number of characters in the subtitle.

Export Colors

Exports color information to the output file.

Export Subtitle Numbers

Exports subtitles' numbers in the first column of the output XLS file.

Export Zero Subtitle

When enabled saves the set in the file zero subtitle to the exported file.

Consolidate whole sentences

Enabling this option to make sure there would be no sentences in the output file split between two or more subtitles. Instead the whole sentence will be saved as a single subtitle.

This option is intended for use mainly when working on voice over translations.