With the advantage of using digital video as a standard, you can prepare closed captions off-line stunningly fast. And you can deliver them to your clients without having to leave your home or office, since you have all the popular closed captions file formats at your fingertips:

  • Scenarist Closed Caption Format (SCC)
  • SMPTE-TT (.xml) Captions with tunnel CEA-608 data
  • CPC-715 Online Caption Format (.onl)
  • Captions Inc. Files (.cin)
  • Cheetah CAP; Cheetah ASC
  • TDS Captions; ECF Captions
  • NCI Captions; NCI Timed Roll Up Captions (.flc)
  • ProCap Captions (.txt)
  • Ultech ULT Captions; MCC CEA-708 captions (.mcc)
  • Roll-up, Paint-on and Pop-on

    Roll-up, Paint-on and Pop-on display modes can be applied easier than ever with the global command for all captions or the regular command for single captions.

    And for a better subtitling experience Roll-up captions can be previewed exactly the way they will be displayed on the TV screen.

    Dedicated Profile Preset

    EZTitles can help you with its closed caption profile preset. Just choose it and the program will change the interface to focus on the tools for closed captioning — the display mode commands (Paint-on, Pop-on, Roll-up), colors, tools for horizontal and vertical positioning and justification of lines and more.

    Continuous Typing Workflow

    In EZTitles you can efficiently subtitle long speech segments and continuous dialogue.

    All you need to do is type the text in, and EZTitles will take care of the rest. As a result, you get splendid separate subtitles with the correct timecodes set automatically.

    This feature is designed for roll-up closed captions but can also be applied to regular subtitles.

    Precise text positioning

    With EZTitles you can place your subtitles anywhere on the screen. You can have one line justified to the left and the other justified to the right if you are doing a dialogue. And you can also change the horizontal position if needed.