Specifying a Subtitle Range

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Specifying a Subtitle Range

The commands located in Titles menu are applied to a range of subtitles or to all subtitles (excluding the zero subtitle).

The following subtitle range select box applies to all commands that should work with a block of subtitles:

 Subtitle Range Selector

Subtitle Range Selector

The possible options are:

By TC (timecode)

Define a subtitle range by a set time interval.

By Number

Define a subtitle range by an assigned range of subtitle numbers.

All Subtitles

Apply the operation to the whole file.

Marked Subtitles

Apply the operation to the subtitles marked in the Preview list.

Draft List

Apply the operation to the subtitles transferred to the Draft list.

Hidden Subtitles

Execute the command only for the subtitles marked as hidden.

Log List

Apply the operation to the subtitles which are currently available in the Log list.

Chain for current subtitle
From current to chain end

Subtitles chain is defined in slightly different way depending on the project type:

Open, Digital Cinema and Teletext: sequence of subtitles placed at minimum interval.

Closed Captions: sequence of captions with empty out-cues. The chain starts with the subtitle in-cue and ends with the subtitle with non-empty out-cue. This could be a sequence of Roll-up, Pop-on or Paint-on captions.

The idea is that the subtitles chain usually covers a dialog or a scene in the movie. These two options help you to apply the requested operation to the whole chain or from current subtitle to the end of the chain.