Sharing Project Templates

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Sharing Project Templates

Another advantage of working with EZTitles while integrated with a cloud service is that you can easily share Project Templates with your colleagues and coworkers or respectively connect and use already shared ones.  

The options to share or connect to shared templates can be accessed directly from the Project Settings window by clicking the triangular looking button and then selecting Cloud Services-> Connect to shared project repository or Share project repository:

Considering that the currently supported Google Drive and DropBox services work in completely different way, the actions needed for sharing your projects will also be different.

Sharing Templates using Google Drive

When you click the Share projects repository option another dialog will pop up.

On the left side, in the My Contacts section, you'll see a list of e-mail addresses from your Google Mail address book. If the person's e-mail is enlisted there you can simply select it from the list and then press the arrow looking button in the middle of the dialog to confirm it. Otherwise, if you want to share a template with someone not currently existing in your address book, you can press the Add button and enter his respective address in.

Finally, when you've selected all the people whom you want to use your shared templates, simply press the Share button and let them know about it by sending them an e-mail or a message.

You can connect to a shared templates by respectively using the Connect to shared repository option:

and you will see a list of repositories available for you to connect to. Simply choose the one you need and press the Connect button.

Google Drive will also automatically ensure that you're always working with the latest revisions of the templates shared by your colleagues in contrast to the way DropBox does as explained below.

Sharing templates using DropBox

To share your project templates with a colleague or friend click the Share projects repository option and the following will pop up:

You need to press the Get Link button in order to generate a link for accessing the templates directly from the cloud. The Copy Link button could be extremely useful, since you need to copy the generated link and send it by e-mail or any instant messaging application to the person who need to get access to your shared templates.

To connect to templates shared by another person simply use the Connect to shared repository option, paste the link you've been given and hit the Connect button.

Note: If there are any modifications made to the templates in the meantime you need to get their latest versions manually. Select Cloud Services menu again and use "Update project repository".

Unfortunately for us, the DropBox service applications doesn't provide an efficient method to verify if the shared file has been modified and needs to be updated.


Once you've successfully connected to a shared templates repository they will be accessible for use in the Project Settings as demonstrated below:

All the shared templates will be divided in a sub-category named after the person who shared them so you can easily navigate between all the templates you have.

Note: Please mind the shared templates are locked for modifications and you won't be able to edit or remove any of them.