Integration with Cloud Services

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Integration with Cloud Services

With EZTitles you can integrate the software with your preferred Cloud Services provider. At the moment you can choose between Google Drive and DropBox but we plan to add OneDrive as well in the near future.

Using Cloud Services is where personalizing EZTitles really shines. You can have all your subtitles, videos, settings, project and zero subtitle templates, keyboard shortcuts, auto correct and spell checking dictionaries in the Cloud. And therefore access them from everywhere.

You just start EZTitles on whichever computer you like and you will not even notice you are working on a different workstation. All your personal files and preferences will load up. So you could pick up from familiar ground and concentrate only on getting the job done.

Furthermore, having all your work and settings stored in the Cloud offers a safe backup. You just reinstall the software, activate the services and you’re good to go as if you’ve never left.