Running EZTitles

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Running EZTitles

To start EZTitles go to Start/Programs(All Programs)/EZTitles Development Studio Ltd/EZTitles 6.

If during the installation you have chosen to create a desktop icon or a quick launch shortcut, you can simply start EZTitles from there.

During the startup, EZTitles will show the splash screen as in the figure below:

 EZTitles Splash screen

EZTitles Splash screen

Dialogs at First Time Startup

When you start EZTitles for the first time, a number of dialogs will open:

Project Settings

Its main purpose is to initialize the new project. More information you may find in the Project Settings topic.

File Details

Contains information about the file itself: original and translated title, languages, etc. For more information, please check here.

Zero Subtitle

EZTitles Zero Subtitle contents are usually edited by using the Zero Subtitle Dialog.