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Dictionaries are used in the process of spell checking and keep entries for words and names which are correct but not known to the spell checker. A name in the script like Lemmy for example.The spell check will mark it as incorrectly written, while actually this is the nick-name of the famous British musician Ian Fraser Killmister (Lemmy Killmister). When you start the spell check it will be marked and you will be prompted by the spell check suggestions dialog each time the spell checker finds it in the text.

Such words or names can be added to the custom dictionary as it is explained in the Spell Check topic

All dictionaries can be managed at the Tools/Proofing/Dictionaries menu and you can always click on the checkbox corresponding to the dictionary to turn it off. In this case its entries won't be considered while EZTitles is doing the spell check.

EZTitles comes with three predefined dictionaries: Custom (positive), Negative and Ignore All. The Negative dictionary is intended for words that are spelled out correctly but have negative meaning like swear and curse words that must be avoided. Words from negative dictionaries will always be indicated as incorrect while spell checking.

EZTitles allows you to define and use your own dictionaries in addition to the spell checker's dictionary and if you want to do so you need to click the New button and the following dialog will appear:

The first thing to consider is the name for the new dictionary and specify if the words in it would have Positive or Negative meaning.

There are separate lists for every language so it is important to select the language first. Then add the word to be inserted in the dictionary and press the Add button. You can delete existing entries the similar way.

Your current keyboard layout will also be detected and the word you are typing in will be correctly added to the dictionary for the particular language. For example if you have an English and Bulgarian keyboards installed and you type in something in Bulgarian, EZTitles will add the word into the Bulgarian dictionary.

Note: Regular Expressions can be used when adding new word to a negative dictionary. This way you can include the word and all its derivatives that contain the same root word by a single entry in the dictionary. For example, if we add just one entry: negativ.*, all derivative words starting with negativ will also be underlined by the spell checker: negativity, negativeness, negatively,etc.