Change Case

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Change Case

The Change Case command, accessible from the Titles menu, allows you to change the casing of selected number of subtitles or all subtitles in the file at once.

For details how to use the different range selection options, please refer to the Specifying a Subtitle Range topic.

Include both subtitle tracks - the option will be displayed only when the project contains subtitles in the Main and Secondary tracks. Respectively, after activating it subtitles from both the Main and Secondary tracks will be affected simultaneously.


Changes all characters to UPPERCASE.


Changes all characters to lowercase.

Sentence case

This is a special mode which will turn the first letter in the sentence to UPPERCASE and all other will turn to lowercase.

Note: Please mind that it isn't necessary to use the Titles/Change Case options whenever just one subtitle needs to be modified. Instead you may use the Edit/Change Case option which modifies only the selected subtitle.