Text Replace

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Text Replace

Text Replace is intended as an advanced option aimed at resolving various issues with corrupt or unsupported by the selected output file characters. The characters or words specified will be replaced automatically during the conversion.

Adding new character or word in the list of replacements is simple enough. Add the searched term in the Text field, type in the replacement term and press the Add button. Already existing in the list terms can be modified and deleted with a single click as well.

If you want to copy the list of terms from one Watch Folder to another you can use the Select All, Copy and Paste options from the context menu: right click somewhere in the list and then choose the option you need.

In addition to the usual search for and replacement of symbols, characters, words and phrases written as plain text, you could also do that for characters represented by their HTML Reference codes. EZConvert allows you to use Named character references, Decimal numeric character reference and Hexadecimal numeric character reference codes. On the screenshot above you will replace three dots with the composite "ellipsis" symbol, opening and closing smart quotation marks with the regular ones and two consecutive dashes with em-dash.

Note: If the search term contains ampersand "&" it has to be written by its reference code: &amp;. This is a character and has to be escaped by its reference code. Thus replacing  "&amp;" with "&amp;amp;" will replace the ampersand symbol with its reference code. For example "AT&T" in the source file will become "AT&amp;T" in the output.

You may refer to this page for a list of the most commonly used characters and their respective reference codes.