Framerate and Timecode Conversion

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Framerate and Timecode Conversion

By changing the Video Format, Frame Rate or the Timecode Format you can convert between different video and timecode standards.

First load the subtitles in the original timecode format, then open the Project Settings window and select the new settings.

You will be asked if you would like to convert the subtitles timecode to the selected new settings. Clicking the Yes button will bring the following dialog:

 Timecode Convertion

Timecode Convertion

The options listed in the dialog depend on the source and target frame rates and timecode formats. Your choice depends on the conversion algorithm used to produce the two videos.

The item marked with Default is the most commonly used method for the selected source/target frame rates and timecode formats.

Following is a brief explanation of the common options:

No Conversion

The timecodes remain the same. In fact the frames part might be adjusted to match the new frame rate.


The Default option will use the most common way for converting the timecode to the new frame rate.

Keep Frame Number

Keeps the frame when the subtitle appears and according to the selected Video Standard automatically recalculates the timecodes.

Keep Time

If you convert between different frame rates the program will keep the time when the subtitle appear or disappear.

Programme Start Timecode

Enables you to specify reference base timecode for the conversion which must not be greater than the timecode of the first subtitle in the project. The value of the reference base timecode is critical for the conversion and we recommend using Auto.

When Auto is selected, the reference base timecode is calculated as the timecode of the first subtitle truncated down to the nearest hour.
Otherwise, the specified value in the Timecode input field will be taken as reference base timecode.

Note : The Default and the options in the Advanced Section could be different from those illustrated by the image above.

The Advanced options will vary depending on the original frame rate or TC format which have been set and the new ones.