Subtitles in a new dimension

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Subtitles in a new dimension

The subtitles are turning to a new dimension

While the 2D subtitles can simply be applied to 3D material the overall result is not convenient. If the subtitles are displayed with no depth or on a fixed depth they will conflict with the intended 3D illusion and cause uncomfortable viewing.

The possibility of adding depth to the subtitles became a must thus they will be able to appear properly on the screen without ruining the whole 3D viewing experience.

The vast majority of the process of adding depth to standard 2D subtitles is fully automated with 3DTitles. With the help of our integrated depth detecting system the program will automatically estimate the depth of the subtitles. And if the automation result is not satisfying the subtitler just have to choose the object to which the subtitle shall be positioned and just click. 3DTitles will automatically calculate the necessary depth and apply it for the chosen subtitle. These features will be explained in more details within the Changing the depth section of this manual.

In a new, dynamic position

The solution for properly displaying the subtitles in 3D TV or movies is to move them in 3-dimensional space in relation to the action and point of interest occurring on the screen. But this rises another challenge. A single subtitle may often stay on the screen for more than one shot. This means that additional care must be taken to assure that the subtitle will be easy to read in relation to the changed point of interest when the new shot hits the screen.

Luckily, 3DTitles has an answer for this kind of issues. It allows the subtitle depth to be changed on the new shot.

The subtitler is able to divide the subtitle into a number of segments. Each of the segments can represent different depth for the current subtitle moving it properly within the 3D space so it remains perfectly positioned during the shot changes. And the viewer will not even notice the change. This feature will be explained in more details within the Segments section of this manual.