Changing Depth

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Changing Depth

If the subtitle has no depth assigned, 3DTitles will automatically calculate the necessary depth when it appears for the first time. The calculation is based on the time of the subtitle's in-cue. If you are not satisfied with the result you can try number of commands and options explained below.

Automatic depth estimation for the subtitle

Estimate Subtitle Depth

To use this command you need to choose the exact moment in the video for which you want to estimate the depth and press Alt+Num Enter. The depth will be calculated according to the current position of the text on the screen.

Estimate Subtitle Depth from Z-Map

This command estimates the current subtitle depth according to the Z-Map analysis and can be invoked by pressing Ctrl + Alt + Num Enter. Video scene's depth will be considered for the whole duration of the subtitle, not only for video's current position.

Depth estimation based on a selected point

If you find both previous methods not convenient or you want to set the depth based on a particular point of interest on the screen, you can use the following technique.

Press and hold the Z key on the keyboard. The video will be paused and the mouse pointer will be changed to . Then go to the point of interest and press the left mouse button to set the subtitle's depth according to it.

HINT: Try to select a contrast point (the best option is it to be a contour or a clear detail) for better results.

Note that while holding the Z key the video will pause and when you release it video playback will resume again.

Manual depth adjustment

It is also possible to set or adjust the depth manually. It is recommended to pause the video at the moment of interest before making these modifications.

Num + - moves the subtitle further (inside) at small steps: 0.01 units as explained in How the depth is measured? ;

Num  - moves the subtitle closer (outside)  at small steps: 0.01 units;

Shift+Num + - moves the subtitle further (inside) at bigger steps: 0.1 units;

Shift+Num - moves the subtitle closer (outside) at bigger steps: 0.1 units;

Num * - reset the current subtitle depth position to zero.

You can as well move the subtitles further or away from the viewer within the 3D space by simply rolling your mouse's wheel back and forth while the Z key is pressed.

You can always use the Undo and Group Undo commands explained within the previous topic to rollback the changes.



Sometimes it might be necessary to create a sequence of subtitles with equal depth and for this reason you may use the Copy (Ctrl + C) and Paste (Ctrl + V) Depth commands.

The Copy Depth command copies to the clipboard the depth from the current subtitle or the depth of the currently selected depth segment in case the subtitle contains segments. If Copy Depth is used on a smooth segment, then only the depth for the current video position will be copied.  

The Paste Depth command on the other hand will set the copied to clipboard depth value for the current subtitle or currently selected depth segment.