Subtitling Assistant is the next gen smart feature we’ve implemented into EZTitles intended to automate the process of creating Closed Captions both Pop-on and Roll-up,
SDH Subtitles or Master Translation Templates

What can the assistant do

Recognize the spoken text from the audio and automatically generate captions/subtitles in the same language. Extremely useful when creating captions or subtitles from scratch.

Split loaded text to subtitles and automatically synchronize (timecode) them with the audio. Useful if you already have a Dialogue List, Spotting List or any kind of transcript.
Just load the text into EZTitles and with a single command you will have subtitles/captions perfectly timed with the audio.

How it works

Load a video file and wait for EZTitles to process it.

Start the Audio Analysis. The Assistant analyses the audio.

Choose an Assistant action and configure your criteria.

Subtitling Assistant generates the timed captions/subtitles.



Subtitling Assistant is integrated in EZTitles and shares its settings, preferences and environment. No need of additional installation and setting up. The Assistant uses your project settings and merges smoothly with your workflow.


Subtitling Assistant analyses only the audio of your files. This way the video won’t leave the security of your PC during the process and you don’t have to worry about the safety of your content.

Intelligent Commands

Optimize your new workflow with commands which use data from the audio analysis. Subtitling Assistant moves In- and Out-cues automatically to match the speech timing when you split subtitles or move words between them.

Language and Accuracy

Subtitling Assistant provides excellent results for English audio and is somewhat adequate with other languages, but we’re pretty certain that would significantly improve in the future.

This tool can’t completely automate the subtitling - you’ll still need to review and edit the output, but we’re pretty confident that the Assistant will speed up your subtitling significantly. Just give it a try!

Tested with documentaries, interviews and other types of content in English where the speech or narrative is clear. Transcription from noisy scenes, characters speaking in heavy accent or mumbling voices are not as good.


Subtitling Assistant is a subscription-based service and is charged for each minute of audio analyzed.
Thanks to our in-house developed Voice Activity Detection only the parts actually consisting any speech will be analyzed thus reducing the costs.

Every video is analyzed once and all other operations that will be performed later on, like generating captions or split and synchronize text with audio, will not be charged.

The price for audio analysis varies between 0.30 and 0.60 €/min depending on the amount of minutes you’re buying.

Your initial 100 minutes for using the Subtitling Assistant are on us!

How to activate the Assistant

To use Subtitling Assistant you must have version 6 of EZTitles subtitling software. This means that you have an active Support and Subscription Service and you updated to version 6. The other way to use Subtitling Assistant is by renting EZTitles. Then to add minutes for audio analysis just log in Services Portal and go to Subtitling Assistant Billing. But before that, please check the Quick Start and Tokens and Wallets guides first.

If you’re new to EZTitles and want to try Subtitling Assistant, please request a free trial.