Frequently Asked Questions

Q:  I need to prepare subtitles from scratch and deliver them to my clients. What product do I need?
A:  If you're looking to prepare the subtitles from scratch and deliver them in a variety of formats you will need our EZTitles software.

Q:  I receive the subtitles already spotted and need to deliver them in different formats. What product do I need?
A:  For such workflow you should look for our EZConvert software.

Q:  I receive the subtitles already spotted and just want to encode them into the video. What product do I need?
A:  If you're using Rhozet Carbon Coder or Capella Cambria FTC you'll be best with going for one of our dedicated plug-ins for these platforms. Or, if you are not using either, both EZConvert and EZTitles can deliver for the most popular authoring systems. If you need to be able to edit the timecodes or the subtitles you should go for EZTitles. Otherwise EZConvert will suffice for simple conversions between different file types.

Q:  I inserted the USB Hardware key but the program still shows "No license(s) found." error message.
A:  Before using EZTitles products with USB Hardware Key there should be a driver installed. You can download them from here.

Q:  My software is not dongle bound and I get the "No license(s) found." error message.
A:  Please e-mail us about your issues at if that happens and we'll swiftly get back to you with assistance on how to get your license going again.

Q:  I need to export images for DVD or DVB subtitles, but the export option is grayed?
A:  Please check the File > Project Settings menu that you are working in Open/DVD mode. The Export DVD images and Export DVB options are available only in Open/DVD mode.

Q:  I'm trying to import a MP4 video but the import is taking a lot of time. Can I speed it up somehow?
A:  Yes, there are couple of things to try indeed. Firstly you may want to check if Video Import Speed option is set to maximum at the Edit > Preferences > Video Import Options.

Q:  The Video Import Speed option is already set to "Maximum" but it didn't change anything. What can I do?
A:  EZTitles can import the video by using the built-in video filters or by using the installed on this computer third-party video codes. To enable EZTitles use the installed third-party codecs go to Edit > Preferences > Video import options menu and change Video import decoder option:
- For MOV/MP4 from "FFmpeg" to "QuickTime" (available since EZTitles version 5.3). Please mind that in this case, you would need to have latest QT installed from here
- For WMV from "FFmpeg" to "built-in Windows decoder" (available since EZTitles ver. 5.3).
- For EZTitles versions prior to 5.3 you should install latest LAV filters available here, then deactivate corresponding Internal video importer option (AVI, MPEG1/2, MPEG4, Windows media WMV, QuickTime MOV) and then reimport the video.

Q:  I opened a MOV/MP4 or WMV video in EZTitles but the playback isn't consistent. Can I do something to improve it?
A:  Yes, try the following:
- Try to import the video instead from the Video > Import Video file menu.
- As video encoding could get corrupted during the download process, you could try to fully download the media file again. If the issue persists, you can contact the person who provided the video and check if it would be possible to provide you a new copy.
- For EZTitles versions prior to 5.3 you can try to switch off the "Use internal MOV/MP4 movie player" from the Edit > Preferences > Performance menu. This make EZTitles try to load a MP4 or MOV video by using any third-party video codecs installed on the computer.

Q:  Is it possible to convert the subtitles to different frame rate, from 25fps to 24fps for example?
A:  Yes, it is absolutely possible following the steps described below:
- Open the Project Settings menu and start project with settings match the timecode format of the original file.
- Load the original file in.
- Open the Project Settings menu again and select the target Frame Rate and Timecode Format.
- Click the OK button to confirm you want to change the Timecode Format.
- When the Frame Rate and Timecode Conversion dialog pops-up select the conversion option indicated as Default and press the Select button to complete the conversion.

Q:  When I select a subtitle in the Preview List, the video is not moving in sync with the subtitles. What can I do?
A:  Please navigate to Video menu and check if “Synchronize” option is activated.
As the button is its default shortcut, you may have unintentionally pressed it and deactivated the synchronization. If it is switched-off, activate “Synchronize” option.

Q:  I have to import/export subtitles in text file format not supported by EZTitles
A:  Using the Custom Import/Export features you can define your custom file format using predefined tags or regular expressions. For more information about the import/export options and supported options please refer to the help.

Q:  I have subtitles in MS Word format and I want to import them.
A:  Save the MS Word document as a text file or Rich Text Format (RTF) and then refer to the previous question. If using a text file it is recommended to save the file as Unicode - UTF-8 or UTF-16.

Q:  Can I open multiple files in EZTitles?
A:  Yes. EZTitles can open multiple files as for every file a new window is opened. For fast switching between opened files the Ctrl+Tab shortcut can be used.

Q:  How can I transfer my shortcuts and toolbars layout to another computer?
A:  Copying the shortcuts, toolbars layout and commands options is really easy. Just click the Profile button in the caption bar next to system buttons (minimize, maximize, close) and use to export/import command to transfer your settings across computers.

Q:  How can I transfer all my settings to another computer?
A:  Copying all the settings is really easy. Just click the Tools > Backup Settings menu and save your settings as a .zip archive. Copy this archive to the other computer and use the Tools > Restore Settings menu in EZTitles there and select the archive to restore the settings.

Q:  When I type text or after file import some characters are displayed as a "box".
A:  Probably the character that you are typing is not included in currently selected encoding. When working in PAC or 890 modes some characters are not available. Go to File > Project Settings menu and there in the "Type" page check the selected mode and languages.

Q:  After exporting the subtitles some language specific characters are missing or replaced in the resulting file.
A:  In the export dialog click on "Config" button and check the encodings. Depending on the chosen export format the configuration dialog is different, but you should look for Code Page, languages or encoding settings.

Q:  When exporting DVD images some/all subtitles are without outline or box.
A: Probably these subtitles have wrong presentation style. The easiest way to correct this is by using the Titles > Format menu to set the presentation style of all subtitles.

Q:  Can I set 37 characters per row as default in EZTitles?
A:  You can change the characters per row value and the other parameters in the File > Project Settings menu and the next time EZTitles is started the last values will be used. Be careful, because if a project with different settings is loaded, the defaults are changed, so it is good idea to check the project settings when starting a new file.

Q:  Some options described on the website or in the help are not available or grayed.
A:  Depending on the license version you have some features would not be available. For detailed information please refer to EZTitles Licenses or EZConvert Licenses pages.

Q:  I would like to use certain font, which I don’t see in EZTitles, is this possible?
A:  Yes, EZTitles will work with all fonts installed on your OS Windows system in Open/Native and Digital Cinema mode. You just need to install the corresponding font, and restart EZTitles. Please keep in mind that some of the Project types have a limited list of fonts you could use per specifications.

Q:  There are two options to load a video in EZTitles: Video > Open or Video > Import, what’s the difference?
A:  Loading a video via “Video > Open” will try to render the clip, using the codecs supplied by EZTitles, while “Video > Import” will convert the input media into highly optimized .AVI file, which will allow you to play the video forward and backward at a different speed etc. A few seconds after you start to import a video, you could click “Play” and you will be able to start working on your subtitles while the video continues to import in the background.

Q:  I have a video with multiple audio tracks. Can I load the video in EZTitles, so all tracks are available? Is it possible to choose which audio track to import?
A:  Please mind that multiple audio tracks are not supported for imported videos. In case you’d like to have all tracks present, you should load the video via Video > Open Video instead of importing it. Then you can change the audio track via Video > Audio Playback > Audio Track menu. Also, during the import you can select preferred audio track from the “Audio track” drop-down menu (available since EZTitles version 5.3.3).

Q:  Although I have MS Office installed, I get “MS Office not installed” error message when I try to spell check in EZTitles, why is that?
A:  Sometimes MS Office installations could get corrupted during updates or for some other reason.
In order for EZTitles to use Word spell checker, you would need to repair MS Office installation, following the steps as described in following Microsoft article
In case that the above step does not help, please uninstall MS Office and then, restart the computer and reinstall it using the offline installer, as described in following Microsoft article
Please mind that you would need to enter you MS Office license information again during the repair/reinstall process, so it would be a good idea to have it at hand.

Q: I disabled cloud integration and now EZTitles starts with my local settings.
A: There is no need to worry about. The settings stored in the Cloud have not been deleted and you can get them back like that:
- Open Google Drive or DropBox webpanel and log-in with your username and password. Download all files from the EZTitles Development Studio > EZTitles6 folder and paste them in C:\Users\%username%\AppData\Local\EZTitlesDevelopmentStudio\EZTitles6.
-Start EZTitles, integrate with Google Drive/DropBox again, choose the option to load settings from the cloud storage, disable cloud integration again choosing the option to replace local settings with these from the cloud.

Q:  I’d like to redefine a shortcut, is that possible?
A:  Yes, you could re-define shortcuts for all available commands via Tools > Customize > Commands. There just enter the preferred shortcut in “Command Shortcut” field and click “Change”. You could check all available shortcuts from Help > Command and Shortcuts.

Q:  I have an anti-virus software installed and I’m having troubles when trying to install/update the software via the EZTitles Applications Manager, what can I do?
A:  Even though we use some of the most credible digital signatures for our files some anti-virus software consider them a threat, i.e. so-called “False Positive Detection”.
We can assure you there is nothing wrong or malicious with our files. But in order to download and use them properly you should either create an exception for them in your antivirus or temporarily disable it during the installation.

Q: I'm getting Microsoft Word Security Notice asking me to disable macros when using EZTitles. What is that?
A: This is integrated part of MS Word's security that shows when there are Macros saved to your MS Word application but the Trust-in settings are not configured correctly. Do the following to resolve this:
- Start MS Word and navigate to File->Options->Trust Center Settings->Macros Settings.
- Choose Disable all macros without notification or Disable all macros except digitally signed macros.
- Apply the changes and close MS Word.