EZTitles Plug-ins
There is an easier way to burn your subtitles to the video.

Integrate EZTitles with your third party software

The days you've struggled to encode your subtitles to the video are finally over!
Our dedicated plug-ins seamlessly integrate with your third-party software.
So you can load and comfortably work with subtitles into:

  • ProMedia┬« Carbon
  • Capella Systems' Cambria File Convert

    The plug-ins support various subtitle file formats, can handle vertical text and rubies, and give you superb control over the presentation.

    The plug-ins for ProMedia Carbon, Rhozet Carbon Coder and Capella Systems' Cambria File Convert are powerful tools which allows you to load and encode (burn) your subtitles Closed Caption, Teletext or DVB files with the video.