Working on an Open, Teletext or Closed Captions project? EZTitles’ profile presets will help you with that. Just choose the project type, and the software will change its interface to focus only on the tools you need to get your job done!

You can create your own unique profile to fit your work style best! Or simply import one if someone has already done it for you.

Import/Export Presets

You will absolutely fall for this wonderful feature. Now you can configure import and export presets for each of the supported file formats, so you don’t need to check or apply the settings each time you import or export a file. Plus, every preset includes your default save folder — you don’t have to browse for it every time.

Place the text anywhere you want

With EZTitles you can place your subtitles anywhere on the screen. If you are doing a dialogue, you can have one line justified to the left and the other justified to the right, and you can also change the horizontal position if needed.

Dashes and hyphens

There are various requirements for using dashes and hyphens when subtitling a dialogue, splitting text in the middle of a sentence, etc. And that’s why EZTitles introduces a whole group of options to automate this process.

What You See Is What You Get

All subtitles are displayed exactly the way they’re meant to look. You view and edit your subtitles right over the video, so the appearance properties can be adjusted on the fly depending on the picture beneath.

Proofing Tools

With its army of useful features, EZTitles will help you work faster than ever before! Autocorrect, Short Forms, Thesaurus, Spelling Suggestions, Negative Dictionaries, Unit Converter, and Web Search to search for a word or phrase on the Internet — EZTitles got all this covered for you! And all these tools can be customized to fit your needs and help you focus on the most important part of job – the subtitling itself.

Full Screen Preview

If your computer has two monitors or a TV-out, the second display can be used for a fullscreen preview, so you can view your subtitles exactly the way they will appear on the viewer’s screen or in the theater.

Fast and easy navigation

On the right side of the screen is the subtitle list which shows you all the subtitles, their attributes and the corresponding frame pictures. A small icon next to a subtitle indicates an issue, so spotting mistakes in EZTitles is quite simple.

Insert Symbol

You can use the “Edit/Insert/Insert Symbol” dialog box to insert symbols such as ©, ™, µ, ♪, ♫, or special characters that are not on the keyboard.
What types of symbols and characters you can insert depends on the font you choose. For example, some fonts may include fractions (¼), international characters (Ç, ë) and currency symbols (£, ¥).

In Colors

EZTitles supports color subtitles in the Teletext, Open/DVD and Digital Cinema modes. In addition, the program respects the limitations of the currently chosen format or authoring system.