There is an easier way to convert files.

Workflows and Watch Folders

The EZConvert Professional edition comes with additional Workflows, Watch Folder and Command Line modules to give you unprecedented control over the conversion process and enable simultaneous conversion into multiple output formats with all the different settings they may require.

The Watch Folder is EZConvert’s special tool that monitors the folder for new files. When a new file arrives, it triggers the file's conversion into a format you have specified. It requires minimal configuration and once set up it will send you notifications via e-mail for each error logged.

Furthermore, EZConvert Professional automatically recognizes the input file’s format and passes it to all Watch Folders assigned to the conversion of this particular format.

This is why EZConvert Professional successfully covers even the most complex situations, as your file can be converted to either all the output formats defined by the Watch Folders or only to some of them.

The Watch Folder can monitor files on a network location and save the converted files to a network server as long as it has the necessary privileges.

Watch Folder as a Windows Service

The Watch Folder module can also be installed as a Windows Service so it will work regardless of whether or not you are logged in, which makes it perfect for running on servers and in some complex workflow setups.

Command Line Utility

The command-line utility for EZConvert comes included with the Professional. It offers batch conversion of single or multiple files using wildcards for the file names. It can also be used in batch scripts, scheduled events etc.

It is so powerful that it actually works as an API for EZConvert and can be integrated into your Content Management System if needed.

Professional Site License

The EZConvert Professional edition also comes as a site license which can be sat on a cloud-based server and accessed from anywhere with an unlimited number of command line utilities and Watch Folders running at the same time.