There is an easier way to convert files.

EZConvert - the world's unique subtitles conversion software

When it comes to conversions of different subtitle files automation is the key word everyone is looking for. The idea is to produce the desired files with as little interference as possible but at the same time to be sure the end result will be brilliant. Well, EZConvert can do all that.

And with the EZConvert Professional edition it can do even more as it comes with Watch Folders and Command Line functionality.

The ability to create Workflows combined with the Watch Folder module gives you unimaginable control over the conversion process and enables simultaneous conversion of any input file into multiple output formats with all the different settings they may eventually require.

Furthermore, EZConvert can automatically recognize the input file’s format and will pass it to all Watch Folders responsible for the conversion of this particular file format only.

That way EZConvert will successfully cover the most complex situations when a file needs to be converted to all of output formats defined by the Watch Folders or to some of them only.

The Watch Folder is an additional tool for EZConvert which continuously monitors a folder for new files and when a new file arrives it triggers the file's conversion into a format you have specified.

It requires minimal configuration and once set up will notify via e-mail for each error it has logged.

Watch Folder is capable of monitoring files on a network location as well as it can save the converted files to a network server as long as the necessary privileges to use this network resource are applied.