There is an easier way to find the right depth of your subtitles.

Compatible with the most significant technologies

Using 3DTitles, you can create subtitles for 3D Blu-ray Disc™ authoring. The tool is fully compatible with Sony Blu-print™, Sonic Scenarist® BD and DoStudio 3D.

3DTitles is also compatible with the Digital Cinema standards — it allows you to prepare both text and image-based DLP XML subtitles with ZPosition.

3DTitles can be used for creating 3D closed captions compliant with the CEA-708.1 standard. You can then export them as MCC — the only offline file format carrying true CEA-708 captions.

Finally, you can feed your 3D subtitles and closed captions to ProMedia™ Carbon, Adobe Premiere®, Avid® Media Composer®, Final Cut Pro and Final Cut Pro X or any NLE system using our plugins or specialized exports.

Bundle for everyone’s needs

Making 3D subtitles is a complex process which usually involves multiple programs. Essentially, it can be streamlined down to three important stages: creation of normal two-dimensional subtitles, adding depth and proper positioning of the subtitles using 3DTitles, and making the final product.

3DTitles lets you add and fine-tune subtitles’ positions in the Z-direction. This is why it comes bundled with our professional subtitling software EZTitles Enterprise. It is a cost-effective solution for creating subtitles from scratch or importing various subtitle file formats to 3DTitles.

With 3DTitles you can export to a wide range of file formats used in almost any modern authoring system for 3D.

In addition, we offer solutions for encoding subtitles and closed captions to videos — our plugins for ProMedia™ Carbon and WFS, Avid® Media Composer® and Adobe Premiere®.

The 3DTitles bundle is compiled according to your personal needs and preferences. It always comes bundled with EZTitles. And you can add one or more plug-ins if needed.