There is an easier way to find the right depth of your subtitles.

3D output formats

3DTitles delivers subtitles in the following formats:
  • BDN XML script and PNG images with .OFS offset file for Sony Blu-print and Sonic Scenarist BD according to the BDN ver. 1.00 specifications issued on 11.25.2009;
  • DC DLP XML subtitles with ZPosition - both text and image (PNG) based;
  • XML and PNG images for Final Cut Pro and Final Cut Pro X;
  • Dost script, PNG images and .ds3d offset file for DoStudio 3D;
  • EDL script and PNG images for use by NLE systems.
  • SMPTE 428-7-2014 export with smooth segments
  • MCC file containing digital closed captions with 3D according to CEA-708.1 standard;
  • ETSI EN 300 743 compatible DVB subtitling elementary stream for muxing with ProMedia Carbon or Manzanita MP2TSME multiplexers.
  • There is an option to export Generic DVB Elementary Stream as well. Side-by-side and Top-bottom stereoscopic layouts are supported.

    Furthermore, the subtitles can be encoded by Adobe Premiere®, Avid® Media Composer® or ProMedia™ Carbon and WFS by using one of our dedicated plug-ins which can also be purchased as part of the 3DTitles bundle.

    Please, note that CEA-708.1 closed captions encoding is possible only with ProMedia™ Carbon and WFS.