There is an easier way to find the right depth of your subtitles.

Subtitles are turning to a new dimension

Experience is everything when watching a 3D movie. It must be shot wisely, with a great deal of precision when editing the scenes — otherwise the impression will be ruined. And the same applies to subtitles.

Displaying 2D text over а 3D movie simply won’t do it. Subtitles must be positioned perfectly in the X and Y directions, and they also must take into account the depth of the picture behind and blend nicely with the action.

Luckily, 3DTitles is here to help you prepare and deliver high-quality 3D subtitles.

Lots of automation

With its brilliant automated features, 3DTitles will perform an in-depth analysis of every frame and scene in your 3D movie. It will detect each change in your subtitles’ depth and position for the best viewing experience. After the analyses have been completed, the results are stored in the so-called Z-Map file to help you fine-tune your subtitles further.

We understand that editors often want to adjust subtitles on their own, so we have added some nice tools that everyone will appreciate. The most impressive one is the Depth Graph — it displays graphically how the depth of the picture is changing for the duration of each subtitle. It is incredibly useful during the final review and the manual fine-tuning of your subtitles.

A Timeline as precise as a compass

We have equipped 3Dtitles with a stunning timeline to help you navigate through all the depth changes in your 3D movie. It is as precise and as informative as a compass. You can see every shot change, a graphical depth analysis for every scene and how your subtitles are positioned in accordance.

It is not only a nice map for your movie but a fully functional tool as well. Which acts completely natural. A simple drag to the boundaries of each subtitle will adjust the cues and they will auto-snap to shot changes in vicinity.

A few keystrokes or clicks will re-position the subtitles in depth so you could precisely create the perfect viewing experience.
For sure, subtitling a 3D movie can't get any easier than that.