Voice Commands

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Voice Commands

EZTitles can be controlled by voice as it is fully compatible with Dragon® Speech Recognition by Nuance.

Dictate with full text control

EZTitles supports all Dragon features and you could insert, select and delete text by voice commands. This doesn’t require any setup, just start Dragon, position the cursor where you want your text to appear and start dictating.

More about the Full Text Control features provided by Dragon you may find here.

Control EZTitles by voice

Navigate through the menus by commanding “Click” followed by the name of the menu, for example “Click: File” to open the File menu in EZTitles;

Navigate between subtitles by commanding: “Page Up”- to select the previous subtitle or “Page Down” – to select the next subtitle in the Preview List;

Use any command, inserted on the tool-bars, by commanding “Click” followed by the name of the command. For example, saying “Click: Align left” will align current subtitle to the left or saying “Click: Project Settings” will open the Project Settings menu.