Dialogue in Subtitles

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Dialogue in Subtitles

Several commands, which otherwise provide somewhat similar functionality, can be configured from the following menu. These are Move text to Previous (subtitle) add dash, Move text to Next add dash, Merge with Next add dash, Merge with Previous add dash and Insert dialogue dashes commands.

Dash type

Enables you to specify what type of dash character, regular dash (-) or em-dash (–), will be inserted when using any of the above commands.

Add dash to bottom line only

When executing the respective command, dash will be inserted only to the bottom of the two lines.

Add dash to both lines

When executing the respective command, dash will be inserted to both text lines.

Add space after dash

After activating this option and as a result of using one of the commands above, one space character will be inserted in addition to separate the dash from the text that follows it.

Switch Long and Short Dashes

Changes the input style of the dash when clicked. Pressing the - button on the keyboard inserts Em-Dash, while using the Em-Dash shortcut (Ctrl + -) inserts dash with normal length.

Detailed explanation how the above couple of commands work can be found in the Editing Subtitles / Operations between subtitles topic.