Open Video File

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Open Video File

EZTitles can directly load AVI, MPEG 1/2/4, MOV and WMV videos using the video decoders present on your computer.  To open a video file select Open Video FIle... from the Video menu or click toolbar icon, choose your file and then click the OK button.

If the program cannot locate a suitable decoder it will indicate with an error message and will also suggest the video decoder which we have approved and recommended for smoother playback.

With such video loaded, you will benefit all the EZTitles' unique features such as the Audio Graph, Shot Change Detection, Audio Scrubbing, etc. However, due to the limitations of these video formats it is not possible to play the video backwards at low speed, without importing the movie first. Instead the Jump Back command may be used to rewind the video in that direction at a smaller step.