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Import Video File

You may need to Import a Video file only if the selected movie cannot be directly loaded using the Open Video File or you may want to benefit from the excellent functionality that the MJPEG compressed video provides - like the fast and frame accurate positioning and the backwards playback.

To begin the import go to the Video menu and start the Import video file... command. A standard Windows Open dialog is shown and you must choose the file you wish to import and click the Open button.

The following dialog will appear:

 Import Video File

Import Video File

The Audio Track selection drop-down will show up whenever the video file contains more than one audio track and allows the specific audio track to be selected for import.

If the compression of the video file allows, the video output will be displayed in the EZTitles work area. And if for some reason the picture is displayed vertically flipped (i.e. with the bottom side up) you can click the Flip vertical checkbox to correct this.

The Import Quality option controls the quality of the imported video material. If it is set to Low the imported video clip will be in lower quality, but will take less hard drive space and the import process will finish faster. Increasing the quality results in better picture in EZTitles (although it cannot exceed the quality of the original video) at the cost of more hard drive space and more time to finish importing.

The program will automatically suggest name and location for the imported video file. They can be easily changed entering new name in the File Name field and clicking the Save button to the right.

After 7 seconds of video material are processed, the Play button is enabled. You can now click on it to start subtitling. The Setup Timecode dialog is displayed if there is no timecode encoded in the video file.

Requirements for Importing a Video File

There are some requirements for a video file to be imported successfully. The main and most important thing is that you must have the right video codec to decompress the file.

You can check this easily – just double click the file in Windows Explorer and if Windows Media Player can play it with video and sound then you can import this file in EZTitles.

It is also recommended that the video file is recorded in half PAL or half NTSC at the specific frame rate for its color system.

The supported video formats are .AVI, .WMV, .MPEG 1/2/4 and QuickTime .MOV.r

Import Statistics

While importing the video file, the following import statistics information window is displayed at the lower right corner of the EZTitles main window:

 Video Import Statistics

Video Import Statistics

The listed statistics are: total time for recording, Discontinuities (enclosed in brackets are the dropped frames in the EZTitles AVI Writer), average compressed frame size, the current file size, the estimated file size, free space left on disk and approximate time left on disk for recording. Discontinuities reflect upon the video stream's inconsistencies. EZTitles will then insert a number of blank frames needed to compensate them.

Dropped frames appeared in the EZTitles' AVI writer probably means your computer system is overloaded.

Stop Import

The Stop Recording command can be used to stop the video import. The already recorded/imported portion of the file remains intact and usable.