Hide/Unhide Subtitles

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Hide/Unhide Subtitles

The Hide / Unhide command can be accessed from the Titles menu and it changes the state of the selected range of subtitles from hidden to unhidden or the opposite.

More details about Hidden subtitles are available here.

All available options will be explained below:

 Hide / Unhide Subtitles

Hide / Unhide Subtitles

Include both subtitle tracks - the option will be displayed only when the project contains subtitles in the Main and Secondary tracks. Respectively, after activating it subtitles from both the Main and Secondary tracks will be affected simultaneously.


Hide Subtitles

Hides the selected range of subtitles.

Unhide Subtitles

Sets the state of the selected range of subtitles to unhidden.

Invert Hidden State

Checks the selected range of subtitles for such that are hidden and changes their state to unhidden and also simultaneously changes the state to all unhidden subtitles to hidden.