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The Delete command deletes the text and/or the timecode of the specified block of subtitles. You can also erase entire subtitles within the selected range. The following dialog box appears:

 Delete Subtitles dialog

Delete Subtitles dialog

Include both subtitle tracks - the option will be displayed only when the project contains subtitles in the Main and Secondary tracks. Respectively, after activating it subtitles from both the Main and Secondary tracks will be deleted simultaneously.

Cues Only

Removes in- and out-cues for the specified range of subtitles while the text remains intact. In addition, only the In- or Out cues can be deleted by clicking the respective checkboxes to the right.

Text Only

Deletes the text of the specified range of subtitles. The cues remain the same.

Comments Only

Deletes the comments from the selected number of subtitles.

Cues and Text

Deletes the text and cues of the specified range of subtitles leaving the subtitles empty.

Whole Subtitles

Completely removes the specified range of subtitles from the file.

When the Text Only or Cues and Text options are selected, two additional options become available to allow you to delete the first or second text line of the subtitle.


It is not necessary to use the Delete function to remove all subtitles. It is much easier and quicker to start new file instead.