EZTitles Environment

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EZTitles Environment

Using the Keyboard

EZTitles supports keyboard shortcuts for almost all functions that can be accessed through the main menu or from the pop-up menus.

You can find a thorough description of the default keyboard shortcuts at Appendix A. Default Keyboard Shortcuts.

You were also been given the freedom to suit the program to your unique working style by defining your own shortcuts. Find out how to do it at Customize Toolbars, Keyboard Shortcuts and Appearance.

Using the Mouse

Because EZTitles is a standard Windows application the mouse can be used to navigate through all the areas of the workspace. You can gain access to every command in the program by just using the mouse. However that is time consuming and unadvisable through the subtitling process as it might slow down your productivity.

Menu and its components

The Menu is located horizontally at the top of the screen. It is a collection of several submenus:


Contains commands for the basic file operations concerning subtitle files: New, Open, Save, Print, etc.


Accommodates all subtitle Import/Export functions including Import, Export, Advanced Import, Export DVD Images, Export DVB subtitles, etc.


The standard Windows menu containing the following operations: Undo, Redo, Cut, Copy and Paste, as well as operations specific to the program: Find, Replace and Go To, described in Find, Replace and Go To.


Change various attributes of the subtitle text: font, italic, color, alignment, etc.


Commands applied to the current subtitle: split, merge, move up/down/left/right, etc.


Contains menu commands for customizing the main screen.


Contains menu commands for video manipulation and for importing/recording in EZTitles.


Commands that affect all subtitles or a selected range of subtitles: renumber, recut, sort, check and fix subtitles, etc.


Various tools like spellcheck, proofing, unit converter, etc.


Provides information on the program and help on using it.



The toolbar gives you quick access to some basic commands by clicking with the mouse on the corresponding button. It is located just below the main menu at the top. The toolbar contains buttons for the basic file operations, formatting the text within the subtitle, etc. Rest the mouse pointer over a certain toolbar button for a second and a short text will appear explaining its function.

 EZTitles Toolbar

EZTitles Toolbar

The toolbar may be altered, i.e. new buttons can be added or some of the existing ones can be removed. This gives you the power to arrange the buttons to your liking.

How to add/remove buttons and rearrange the toolbar is properly explained here.

Status bar

The EZTitles status bar is located at the far bottom end of the program window. It shows the current position in the subtitle, whether or not the subtitle file has been modified from the last save, the current mode (Edit or Preview), the selected language and the data from the zero subtitle. More detailed information is available at Status Bar Indicators.