CEA-708 Closed Captions (.MCC)

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CEA-708 Closed Captions (.MCC)

MCC captions format is designed by CPC (Computer Prompting & Captioning Co.) to contain both CEA-608 data for NTSC standard definition video (29.97fps) and CEA-708 data for Digital Television.

The captions data is rendered according to CEA-708.1 standard which allows encoding 3D information with the caption services. As 3D is not supported by legacy CEA-608 captions the export options are limited to export only CEA-708 compliant captions.

When you click the MCC CEA-708 export, the following dialog will appear:

Scipt Info


Here you need to select the version of the output file. The main differences are:

MCC v. 1.0 - supports 24, 25, 30, 30 DF, 50, 60 frame rates.

MCC v. 2.0 - also includes support for 60 DF (59.94fps).


Allows you to specify the closed captions language considering that only Latin languages are supported.

Code Page

By specifications Unicode encoding is supported. However we suggest the files to be encoded in ANSI 1252.


The CEA-708.1 standard supports 3D captions, 3D captions are not supported by the CEA-608, and for this reason the export option is limited to export only CEA-708 compliant captions.

Write empty frames

Empty packets are inserted for the frames that contain no captions data. The exported file will contain packets for every video frame.

Compact Packages

According to the MCC specification a simple character compression could be applied.

708 Options

Font 1/2

Allows you to select one of the 8 available font styles as defined by the specifications. Their size can be changed from the associated drop-down to the right.

By choosing the Default option, the closed captions will be displayed with the Default font used by the viewer's decoder when displayed on screen. Otherwise, selecting a specific font, will overwrite the viewer's default choice for preview font.

Use Fade

When clicked Fade effect will be applied to the captions - it causes the window to fade onto and off of the screen at the specified effect speed. The fade speed can be adjusted from the drop-down to the right.

Force Text Color

Changes the color of all captions with the one selected on the color palette to the right. Please mind that you can choose between 64 colors only. They are defined by the CEA-708 specifications.

Force Alignment

Changes the alignment of all captions with the one selected on the drop-down to the right.

Force Boxed Subtitles

Allows you to change the Box Type (Boxed, Block Boxed), Box Color and Opacity of all captions in the file.