Basic commands

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Basic commands

Since 3DTitles is intended to simply add the necessary depth to the standard 2D subtitles making them properly viewable in 3D, the operations you can apply on the subtitles concern mainly their placement on the screen and their depth.

For your convenience and to save significant part of your time almost all the commands can be completed by using the keyboard.

Navigation through the subtitles

PageUp or Num-PageUp – Select the previous subtitle;

PageDown or Num-PageDown – Select the next subtitle;

You can also browse the subtitles by using the list on the right side of the main window in windowed mode. Find and click on the desired subtitle and it will be selected and the video will be positioned on its in-cue.


To change the horizontal position you can use position/justification buttons on the toolbar:

The first three buttons (justification) set the layout of the text block and the next three (position) move the whole text block to left, center or right of the screen.

Can be used to change the vertical position of the text: the three selectable options are bottom, middle or top of the screen.

Move text horizontally/vertically

Ctrl+Alt+Num Left – Move the current subtitle text one position left;

Ctrl+Alt+Num Right – Move the current subtitle text one position right;

Ctrl+Alt+Num Up – Move the current subtitle one row up;

Ctrl+Alt+Num Down – Move the current subtitle one row down.

The horizontal and vertical offset for these commands can be configured from the File/Preferences/Move Subtitle Position Commands option menu and can vary in the range between 0.5% to 25% from the picture's width or height.

Undo/Redo and Group Undo

Ctrl+Z – Undo;

Ctrl+Y – Redo;

Ctrl+Alt+Z - Group Undo - undoes all changes made to the current subtitle since the last time you have focused it.