Z-Map and Shot Changes Detection

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Z-Map and Shot Changes Detection

The features described in this topic are intended to significantly reduce the time required for completing your job. In general, the idea is to process and analyze the video file first and then, according to the collected information, to calculate the depth for all subtitles by using a single command only.

The result is not instant and it will take some time for the video to process. If you don't want to wait for it you can skip this step and proceed to manually adjust the subtitles' Z position.

Z-Map and Shot Change Detection

The video has to be analyzed first and you can do it at the Tools/Generate Z-Map and Shot Changes menu:

First of all the video will be processed sequentially frame by frame. Then every frame will be split into a number of segments (40 columns and 20 rows by default) and the depth for each segment will be estimated. Additionally 3DTitles will create a file, with the same name as the analyzed video and an extension "~zmap.dat", to keep the depth for all frames and segments.

Horizontal/Vertical Segments

Increasing the number of segments for analysis will increase the accuracy of the estimation process, but it will take more time to complete.

Interpolate undetected segments

The segment’s depth would not be detected in certain cases for example when it covers a plain surface or there are no significant details to analyze. Interpolate option should be considered in similar situations and the segment’s depth will be estimated according to the depth of adjacent segments.

3DTitles will detect all shot changes throughout the movie simultaneously with the Z-Map analysis. They will also be considered for the automatic depth estimation as described in the next topic.

Letterboxed video

When the movie picture has 2.35 aspect ratio it is possible black stripes to exists at the top and bottom of it. Those black stripes will most certainly distort the shot changes detection algorithm. To prevent this from happening you can turn the Letterboxed video option on and the respective negative effect will be neglected.