Registering EZTitles

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Registering EZTitles

First of all you may want to notify us about the successful delivery of that package we sent for you and containing the USB Hardware Key. Our representative will then provide you with username and password required for obtaining the full versions of our products.

In order to get your purchased copy of EZTitles working you need to make sure that the USB hardware key is properly plugged in the computer and you have installed the drivers required for it to operate.

After that you can proceed forward and install EZTitles itself.

If you are experiencing difficulties installing or starting the software you can always contact us, by using the contact information provided later in this topic, for advice.

Once you have successfully finished with the installation and EZTitles is up and running, you can verify if all the features have been successfully registered by checking the Help/About menu.

 EZTitles About dialog

EZTitles About dialog

You can find some general information about your computer from the System Information section.

Pressing the Details button will open additional dialog with information about the registered features, software's expire date (if you've purchased your license under an installment plan, rented it or you're just testing it for 30 days) and support availability as described by the above picture.


If you need additional help with EZTitles you can always consult the following sources:

EZTitles Web site can be found at You can also obtain the latest EZTitles version from there.

EZTitles Support –  

Phone Support - You can call us from Monday to Friday between 9 AM and 18 PM CET at + 359 2 4169763 or + 359 2 4197542.