Safe Area

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Safe Area

 Project Settings- Safe Area page

Project Settings- Safe Area page


Maximum characters per may vary between 0 and 100 and entering "0" also means that there will not be a limit for the number of characters entered on a line. You can also choose different values for Horizontal and Vertical subtitles. The second are common for subtitles in Japanese or Chinese.

Count half-width symbols as 0.5 - This option is intended primarily for use when working with subtitle files in Japanese and by turning it on will make EZTitles counts each half-width character as 0.5.  Most non Japanese or Chinese characters, like those from the Latin based scripts for example, are considered as half-width and we strongly suggest to leave this option turned off in case you are working with subtitles in other than Japanese language.

If there are subtitle lines which exceed the max. number of characters per row, a notification () will be displayed for that subtitle on the Preview List.

Safe Area settings in Native and Digital Cinema modes


The margins are measured from the edges of the picture. For Open projects the safe area margins are typically expressed in pixels although if you find it more convenient you can change them to percentage instead.

Both cases, however, you'll be able to see their respective value in the other units as well. For example, entering a pixel value will also result in displaying its respective percentage right next.

For Digital Cinema mode the units are switched automatically to percent as they are typically measured like this in the specifications.

The settings here are used both to control the text placement and check if the text is inside the specified area.

The Defaults button restores back the default values for current video resolution which are 10% from the edges.

Note: The margins options of the Safe Area aren't available for Teletext projects. Teletext subtitles must not exceed certain number of characters at each text line.

Row interval / Line Spacing

Controls the space between the text lines. It can be specified in two ways illustrated with the next pictures:

Row Interval

Usually a few pixels. Specify 0 or a negative number to bring the text lines closer together.


Line Spacing

Too small value will overlap the text lines.

Bottom align position

This parameter affects only the subtitles with bottom vertical alignment.

Below Baseline and Over Baseline options are used with letterboxed video when the text should be positioned in the black stripes in certain way.

Above Safe Area Bottom is used for regular bottom aligned text. This is the default value.

Below Baseline

The text appears below the baseline as illustrated with the two pictures below:


The position of the baseline (yellow line) can be modified in addition.

Over Baseline

Subtitles with a single line of text appear below the baseline.

For subtitles with two text lines the higher one appears above the baseline and the lower one - below the baseline:


The position of the baseline (yellow line) can be adjusted.

Safe Area Override

Enabling the Safe Area Override allows you to move left-aligned subtitles a little bit outside of the Safe Area.

The commands for moving rows or the whole subtitle one character to the left can be used. For more information please check here.

This way in PAC mode you can align the italics formatted line to start exactly from the SA border.

The Safe Area Override options are available only in Open/Native and Open/PAC modes.